Jessica Hagy

February 22, 2007

Blogger and brain behind Indexed.  I way geek over Venn diagrams so Hagy’s speaking my language.  She’s more fluent than I am, but still.


Molly Wood

February 11, 2007

Executive editor at CNET and co-host of CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast, which I absolutely have to listen to every day on my drive home. 

This Robert Smith doll at motivated me to drum the beat to The Hanging Garden on my desk using two apple slices as drumsticks.

Black Pete

January 2, 2007

A hooded long johns-wearing boy with a sword, fighting a robot.  Found in zingmagazine’s festive Christmas Story.

Dan Rollman

January 2, 2007

Dan Rollman makes handwritten t shirts for viewing and commission here.  I want one that says Mammal Maven.

Robert Beaver

January 1, 2007

CEO of, one of my wife’s new favorite websites.  About 1/3 of our Xmas gifts this year were created at Zazzle.  Their products arrive quickly too.  Good quality t shirts and mugs.

Chris and Jimmy

December 31, 2006

The Scene Unseen guys.  They host my favorite podcast.  One sees a movie; the other doesn’t; they both review it.  One of them, not sure which, has a good Capote impression.