December 31, 2006

From Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Idiot, which I’m halfway through.  I’ve told my son if I do not finish the book I’ll eat poop.  The poop of his choice, no less.  Rogozhin’ll get me through the book though — he’s dark and sudden, impassioned and annoying.  I don’t like the prince so much, and I’m pretty much reading it and just waiting for Rogozhin to show back up.


Chris and Jimmy

December 31, 2006

The Scene Unseen guys.  They host my favorite podcast.  One sees a movie; the other doesn’t; they both review it.  One of them, not sure which, has a good Capote impression. 

Bill Callahan

December 31, 2006

Or Smog.  Last night I read comics and listened to A River Ain’t Too Much To Love.  He lives in Austin, and we’re scared to see him doing lawnwork some day.

The other night on Emeril Live, Emeril was doing his intro monologue and I think Condoleeza Rice was sitting behind him.  She thought his jokes were funny.