Skinny Black

February 28, 2007

Stuck-up MC from Hustle and Flow, played by Ludacris, who Djay has a wee altercation with. 



February 24, 2007

According to Urban Dictionary, Jebus is what Homer Simpson called Jesus once.  Dress your own Jebus here.

Mars Blackmon

February 23, 2007

Scrappy Knicks fan b-boy played by Spike Lee.  Best remembered for those wonderful Nike Air Jordan commercials.  “Do you know do you know do you know?”


February 14, 2007

Young street urchin from Hugo’s Les Miserables.  He’s the heart of the novel.  At some point the narrator explains one of Gavroche’s statements by saying “Gavroche was a thinker, you see.”  It doesn’t sound like much here, but 800 pages into the novel you’re rooting for the kid and you love it when he shows back up.     

Mr. Toast

February 12, 2007

I am pushing it here with Mr. Toast, but for our purposes let’s assume he is a bipedal mammal with a toast-shaped full body deformity.  And the Mr. Toast dolls looks great in the wild.

Chocolate Mousse

February 10, 2007

Gasoline-swilling member of the resistance in the 80s movie Top Secret!  I think he also ate something at some point – ate someone’s gun or a twig, something crunchy.  A guy named Eddie Tagoe played Chocolate Mousse; Tagoe apparently was also in Pink Floyd The Wall?!  I so wish he would have been Chocolate Mousse in The Wall. 

Danny is the initial main character in Jennifer Egan’s novel The Keep.  He is a 30something lifer restaurant employee from NY who still has a favorite pair of boots and wears mascara.  His story in The Keep is great; unfortunately it’s the one that gets the axe when Egan gets precious with the plot.  I’m bummed to say The Keep is tops on my list for turd book ending for 07’s reading to date.  Danny’s the man though.