Lars von Trier

January 29, 2007

A modern filmaker and father of the Dogme95 movement — which strips directors of pretty much every storytelling artifice at their disposal.  Director of Zentropa, The Kingdom, The Element of Crime, et al.  Lars von Trier makes the filmic version of the OuLiPo literary movement — filming under constraint.  His recent The Five Obstructions is a killer example of this.  Just be sure to have coffee on during that movie.


One Response to “Lars von Trier”

  1. PLUM Says:

    I LOVE LARS VON TRIER!!!!! He was like my driving force in Film School. The Element of Crime?? I mean—all that crazy yellow, “water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”, that insane sex scence on the VW Bug with those lovely windshield wipers??? Those meandering camera shots across intricate sets! GOD. I wasn’t too thrilled when he started pairing down the visuals. Which way does the new one go, praytell?

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