Misfit Dior

January 17, 2007

Misfit is the latest white rapper to be told to step off ego trip’s The White Rapper Show.  She could not write any self-deprecating rhymes for the final challenge.  The best she could do was insert one line about having fake breasts, which wasn’t enough to get it done.  I don’t care that her MySpace page is plastered with pictures of her and Proof – she was extra special worthless.     


One Response to “Misfit Dior”

  1. Yo I myself am a white rapper from Queens N.Y. currently restin my head in the Cashville. I just want to say that I would bone the shit out of misfit dior but I would not buy her cd wit your money or listen to her flow with your ears!! Now I would not mind listening to her scream my name wit that hot ass accent but that would get boring too! She seems like the type of broad that makes doods feel like Ted Bundy!! Once you bust you gotta check for a pulse!! I think the show is bogus and the artists are losing credibility by the minute by being on the show!! If I had to bet on anyone I would put my money on Persia though!! I think she is the realist and she has the most heart…Not to mention her lyrics are pretty hot!!! check out your boy the real next big thing!!! Haleluya Holla Back!! ahahah!!


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